Our perfumes

Our perfumes are gender neutral and loved by women, which make them interesting for men to wear. To optimize the impact we advise to complement the perfume with stylish clothes and a good mood and behavior. Try to compliment others and look them deep into the eyes. Our perfumes are all long lasting. For the moment we mention: DOPE 1 (Honey Sweet) and DOPE 11 (Honey Coco).

Tailor made perfumes come along with the creation of a mood board. We can do this together. Attention is paid to special moments in your life, lovers, holidays, food, colors, nature, family and associate these by odour with your wishes for the future. This way we create 1 or 2 liters of perfume.

Health related aroma’s, are based upon our established accords. We add the health related notes to these accords.

With fragrances for the industry we develop commercial odours that meet their demand. Like apple pie (cosiness), soapy (cleanliness), fire (danger), cannabis (for movies and festivals), and so on.

Our innovations focus on the digital transport of odours. However there is still a long way to go.