Log in, in your personalized area or MUNICIPALITIES GET STARTED NOW Build a project brief: The take-in form, tell us about your request and about your municipality in order to sharpen our advice. You need this project brief to receive budgetary approval from your department. We are specialized in strategic/financial issues related to sustainability themes in the local public sector.
1) What is your theme – vibrant city, urban mobility, (financially) healthy city, circular economy, other
2) What kind of advice you are looking for – quick scan, second opinion, find a solution, draw up  a report. Can you indicate the desired lead time of the project, are you in a hurry or do you have enough time. Do you prefer to budget only this advice or to budget more according your expected future needs (preventing authorization and payment over and over again on small issues)?
3) (your objectives)-Tell us the background of your request and the desired output. What do you expect to be the effect of our advice?
(cities’ ideology )– What makes your city special? What are the themes of importance and the main goals? Where do your city want to stand in 10 years time? And what should happen to realize this?
(cities’ characteristics)-What are the weaker and stronger points of your city? Mention 5 comparable cities and cities you cooperate with (and why). What are the most recent developments in financial ratio’s in your budget/annual reports, and what are your ambitions? How do you see the budgetary future of your city (cash-inflows/outflows) and  tell us why? What kind of finance do your city use (i.e. own finance/taxation, bank loans, other loans, public-private arrangements, bonds, government transfers, subsidies, crowd funding, other (EC) funds, …). If possible quantify.
Project brief will be build and you can edit if needed, completing the project brief.
After acceptation and authorization the project brief by your budget holders, a secured payment by your department will follow, indicating we have an agreement to go further. Release of payment will be done only after your consent that project is finalized accordingly.

We find your consultant and launch your project.
All our consultants have: an academic background, actual knowledge of financial law and regulations (not tax or legal, for these highly specialized issues you need other consultants), understanding of decision making and processes in the public sector, experienced independent consultants, have knowledge of best practices and are eager to bring sustainability themes in the public sector to a higher level. Consultants are evaluated continuously by client experiences. Do you desire additional special qualifications for your consultant?
Schedule your requested consultant and launch your project. Consultant will ask for additional information and documents to be uploaded in line with your request. Soon you will receive a first draft. Output in terms of both form and content will be according the strictly professional guidelines of
Depending on your request and feedback more drafts will be produced. At the end this will lead to an advice that meets your requirements and our professional standards. Now the project can be finalized. You will do so by releasing payment.
After finalizing the project we want to stay in contact to be informed about progress and to evaluate the advice and the consultant. Did the advice bring the desired effect?


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