About Bubbels.com,
“Bubbels” is a quality label for services that support a better world. Services provided under this label are subject to a strict supervision to ensure quality. Our first service is that provided to municipalities, by BubbelsConsult.com. We challenge traditional consultancy services to the public sector, by affordable advice, professional, fixed price, easy access and based on best practices in our community.


Portrait of a multi ethnic business team.


Who We Are
In 2016, the main Dutch Public Sector Bank (BNG Bank, with a balance sheet of over € 150 bln) decided to stop with advisory services. New regulations, strategy and a difficult market for traditional advisory services made them decide to do so. Here our journey began with a group of dedicated financial consultants (with over 15 years of experience in the public sector), how to fill this gap and service the public sector, mainly municipalities. First we decided to make professional advice more affordable and easy accessible by offering fixed price for online consultancy. Secondly we decided to support the public sector in realizing the sustainability themes from a financial perspective. We start in The Netherlands, and in the end we want to connect cities all over the world with our community consultants. Easy access, affordable and professional financial advice based on best practices available in our community.

We’re continuing to pioneer and to improve our services. For this we make use of clients/consultants experiences and best practices all over the world. We believe that every connection we make moves the public sector forward, shapes a consultant’s career, and brings ambitions closer to visions of success.

Our Vision for the Future
Bubbels.com exists to challenge the status quo of the traditional consultancy process and promote a powerful relationship between consultants and clients.

Why we can make the difference
Today, it is remarkable that most advisory reports are very similar and self evident. They miss identity and personification, they could be written for any one. The present practice to use reports only, as long as they show the right conclusions, or writing towards these conclusions is undermining the value of independent research. Clever research can do the job and prove whatever you want. Even genuinely independent and objective research contains subjective elements. With this in mind, we circumvent these issues by our novel approach, your ideology, objectives and characteristics are our starting point. Best practices and client/consultant experiences are continuously embedded in sophisticated algorithms. From here on our consultants create their advise at the end a quality check will take place.

Today, we operate from our office in Amsterdam.


Amstelkade 186 (II)
The Netherlands


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